About Us

Barry Retail Services Inc. works closely with clients to insure success through proper hiring practices, an attractive store set up, expertly trained sales staff and top notch management. We have worked with some of the best companies in Canada to increase their profits and set them up for years of prosperity.

By submitting your CV to our firm, you make yourself known to our recruiters and allow them to consider you for our clients or managed stores. If you submit your CV, you can be assured that we will study it with care. If your profile fits with any of the actual available positions, one of our consultants will contact you to organize an interview. Otherwise, we will keep your file for future opportunities.

Todd Barry - Your Retail Specialist

For the better part of two decades, Todd has been in various management roles for major companies around Canada with a main focus on hiring talented people, training them and ensuring a low turn over rate. He has worked for retailers, restaurants, sales organizations, and so much more. 

After his six year career at Canada's largest communications company as a manager, he decided to use his talents to start his own company, so in 2012 he founded Barry Retail Services. Mr. Barry oversees every project personally with the help of highly trained retail managers he has personally worked with over the years.

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